Our Governors

Mrs. Ghadeer Abu-Shamat

Senior Vice President – Education – GEMS

Superintendent – CEO GEMS Al Khaleej


Ghadeer is a professionally qualified bilingual educational leader with over 20 years of experience in Jordan, the UK, and the UAE. She is a Chemist by education. She holds a Master's Degree in Educational Management and Leadership from the Institute of Education (IOE), University College London (UCL), and a Higher Mrs Hiba Ziade Diploma in Educational Management and Leadership from the American University of Beirut (AUB). She is a Doctorate Candidate at IOE-UCL, London. Ghadeer started her educational career as a teacher at Amman Academy - Jordan, at the age of 21. After six years, she was promoted to become the youngest Principal in Jordan at the age of 27 in the same school. Prior to Ghadeer's appointment as a Superintendent- CEO at GEMS Al Khaleej International School (AKIS), she worked as a founding School Principal for an IB School in Jordan.

Ghadeer's passion for education and her personal characteristics and leadership skills helped her succeed and leave a positive impact in all the leadership positions throughout her years of experience.

Ghadeer joined GEMS- AKIS in January 2015. Her determination, dedication, and sharp vision helped her transform the school by moving AKIS ninety parameters into four years. The school has transformed under her leadership and moved from "Acceptable" to "Good" in 2018 and remained Good in 2020 with very good features. With her leadership, the school is progressing every year. In 2020, Ghadeer was promoted to become a Vice President- Education in GEMS, where she overseas other GEMS schools and projects.



Mrs Fatma Al-Khaja

Fatma Alkhaja has a master’s degree in international business from the University of Wollongong Dubai, and did her Bachelors in BA at the American University of Sharjah. She has 18 years of corporate experience where she has worked in various industries including, educations, banking, insurance, government, with her recent venture being in Oil & Gas as a Business Planning Manager for the Government & International Affairs Department.

Ms. Fatma is a certified risk auditor in business continuity management, and holds various certificates in different aspects of Communications, CSR, EFQM and Leadership.

Ms. Fatma enjoys engaging with the GNS Senior Leadership Members in understanding the norms of the school and how she can add value. Her interest lies in nurturing and mentoring the younger generation to become better versions of themselves. 


Mr. Mohammed Elneel

Mohammed Elneel is an ICT Consultant with 22 years diverse technical, business development and public policy experience serving large corporations and government clients across the region. He’s currently engaged in ICT projects in four developing countries enabling national multi-sector solutions in the areas of Sustainable Energy & Water Utilities, Transportation, FinTech, eLearning, eHealth, and eGovernment, with a particular flair for projects founded on humanitarian motives aimed at developing sustainable social and economic prosperity.

Mr. Mohammed commenced his passion for engineering from early school years creating home automation solutions in the pre-internet era. His work experience follows an academic foundation which commenced with notable top-percentile IGCSE performance at GEMS, followed by a Bachelor’s degree in Electrical Engineering and a Master’s degree in Evidence-based Public Policy frameworks from Canada, along with numerous professional specialization certificates including an MIT certificate in developing Smart City solutions. Having worked in more than 5 countries, Mr. Mohammed mastered stakeholders’ engagement and consensus building as a core foundation for successful projects delivery.

On the family side, Mr. MOhammed works hard to strike a sound work-life balance taking pride in participating in all aspects of his children’s academic and social learning experiences. He has been an active member in parents’ councils for 11 years across Canada and UAE and generously donates his time to constructively support school management in realizing tangible service growth potential with particular focus on innovation and inclusion. His personal activities include endurance sports, football, swimming, travelling and photography.








Mrs. Reem Al Matrooshi



Reem Al Matrooshi is a founding parent and LAB member since the start of Gems Al Barsha National School. She has three children in the school both in Secondary and Primary sections. She has a bachelor degree in Computer Engineering from the University Of Sharjah. Since joining the LAB, she has been interested in Leadership and management as well as Personal and Social Development areas, seeing both areas as key in enabling educators to guide students to a better and prosperous future. Ms Reem believes that the school is not just there for the academic life for students, but also as a road to building their self-confidence and a social life in a way that prepares them to be the leaders of the future.


Mrs Maryam AlFalasi 

Maryam is a Professional Coach, certified by the International Coach Federation and North Point Coaching Academy. Believing, at the age of nine, that her purpose in life is to be “the voice of the oppressed,” Maryam pursued a career in law representing wide spectrum of clients in the Government and private sector for 12 years. After graduating from the Bachelors of Laws (LLB) from the Australian National University, Australia, Maryam obtained her license to appear before the Federal Court, and the Supreme Court in the UAE. She managed highly professional international teams during her career and was the recipient of Dubai Courts Excellence Award for the Distinguished Female Lawyer of Year 2009/2010. Following this she was nominated as Distinguished Employee of 2015 by colleagues at the Government of Dubai Legal Affairs Department. Following her distinguished legal career, Maryam discovered coaching. While the core of her life's purpose remains the same, her motto has now changed to empowering people to “be the change” through using different coaching techniques and tools. Her recent engagements include working on the Emirati National development programme for a leading regional insurance provider, and co-facilitating a bilingual coaching workshop for a Dubai Government entity.

Mrs Hiba Ziade 

Hiba is a freelance graphic designer, specializing in creating visual identity for new companies with over 10 years of experience in designing logos, business cards, posters, flyers and more. Hiba has an enthusiasm for education and has undertaken a range of courses related to child development and instructional strategies. Her FYP in 2012 was designing a game for learning Arabic letters. Currently, she is enrolled online in ITC Academy of London in order to become an accredited “Children Life Coach”. She has always been passionate for extracurricular activities like social/volunteering and agriculture clubs in school. She was an active member of the Insight Club (2008-2012) and one of the founders of “Hayati bi Yadi” a human development center in Tripoli, Lebanon. She has dedicated her skills as a GNS Parent within the “friends of school” group since 2019. She is interested in workshops, training and enjoy visiting exhibitions to keep herself abreast of design and education.