Academic Calendar


Start of term for All FS, Year 7, Year 12 & all NEW students (Buses to run from Tuesday 30th August)

Monday  29th Aug-22
First Day of Term All students  Tuesday   30-Aug-22
  *Milad Un Nabi – Birthday of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) Subject to confirmation of moon sighting   Friday  07-Oct-22
 Mid-term break  
Mon 17th Oct - Friday 21th Oct-22 
 National commemoration Day  Thursday  01-Dec-22
 UAE National Day   Friday 2nd – Saturday 3rd December 22
 End of Term 1  Friday  09-Dec-22
 Start of Term 2  Monday  02-Jan-2023
 Mid-Term Break  Mon -Friday   13 Feb-17 Feb-2023
 Last Day of Term 2  Friday  24-Mar-2023
 *Start of Ramadan (Subject to confirmation of moon sighting)  Thursday  23-March-2023
 First day of term 3  Monday  10-April-2023

Staff CPD Day

    (school closed for students)
 Friday  26-May-2023 
 * Arafat Day  Tuesday 27-June-2023 
 *Eid ul Fitr (Subject to confirmation of moon sighting) Wed-Friday  28 June -30 June 2023
 Last Day of Term 3  Friday 07-Jul-2023 

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