At GEMS Al Barsha National School we passionately believe that all children are valued equally, regardless of their abilities and/or social, emotional or behavioral needs. The school recognises that all children are entitled to have access to a broad and balanced curriculum which is differentiated to meet their individual needs. 

GEMS Al Barsha National School strives to ensure that the culture and ethos of the school are such that, whatever the abilities and needs of members of the school communities, everyone is equally valued and treats one and other with respect. Pupils should be provided with the opportunities to experience, understand and value diversity. 

The School is committed to working closely in partnership with parents. This partnership is a two way process with both parents and the school sharing their concerns for a pupil.  We aim to work in partnership with parents to ensure the best educational provision and support is given to their child. We will inform parents when their child has been identified as having Special Educational Needs and together identify the targets and provision of the IEP (Individual Education Plan) on at least a termly basis. Our approach is one of focus on individual needs and personal outcomes rather than SEND classifications, although these will be relevant when external agencies are involved.

Parents who have a concern about their child are encouraged to share this initially with the class teacher or the Head of Inclusion (Special Needs Co-ordinator); issues can be dealt with quickly and successfully in this way.

To view GEMS Al Barsha National school Inclusion and SEND Policy please click here

This policy has been written in conjunction with GEMS Global SEN Standards and incorporates the directives and guidelines from the following KHDA publications . 

Dubai Inclusive Education Policy Framework 2017 click here

Directives and Guidelines for Inclusive Education 2020 click here 

Implementing Inclusive Education: A Guide for Schools click here

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