We offer a world class education founded on an elaborated National Curriculum for England (NCfE) integrated and infused with 21st century competencies and the UAE Ministry of Education Arabic, Islamic and Social Studies curriculum.

The National Curriculum for England (NCfE) is implemented from FS1 up to Year 13 to enable students to sit for IGCSEs/GCSEs in Year 11 and A levels in Year 13.

This formal curriculum is enhanced by extensive curriculum enrichment opportunities and extra-curricular events and activities that focus on further developing our students' knowledge of and pride in the UAE language, culture, and heritage.

Starting from the Foundation years, we place specific emphasis on developing literacy and numeracy skills in both Arabic and English through equal bilingual language instruction. As part of our strong commitment to fostering bilingualism at GNS, we consistently strive to improve our curriculum and the teaching of both these languages through our collaboration with expert consultants, providing professional development opportunities for our educators, aligning curriculum planning between the English and Arabic departments, and actively seeking input from both parents and students.

In turn, this provides our students with a strong foundation in language, facilitates learning across the curriculum and fosters their readiness for some of the finest universities both in the UAE and overseas as well as future employability.