Ms Zeinab Majed

Assistant Principal Arabic

Zeinab Majed is a highly experienced educator who holds the position of assistant principal for Arabic and also serves as Head of the Arabic department at GNS, with a remarkable career spanning over 16 years in the field of education. Her objective is to provide valuable assistance to the Ministry of Education (MOE) department by ensuring that educational standards are upheld across the network.

One of Zeinab's key responsibilities involves participating in inspections to guarantee the quality of teaching and learning. By actively engaging in this process, she contributes to enhancing students' achievement and progress.

Zeinab firmly believes that education is a transformative journey that should be accessible, enjoyable, and challenging for every child. Consequently, she places great importance on creating a safe and enriching environment where students have ample opportunities to grow, develop their skills, and become independent, lifelong learners.